4 stages of mesothelioma

mesothelioma is a disease caused by asbestos poisoning. The poisoning usually occurs over several years and the patient who suffers from mesothelioma often doesn’t experience symptoms of the disease until almost 20-40 years have passed, since the first exposure.

But, once the symptoms begin, a person’s health can deteriorate very quickly, unless some treatment is done.

In the first stage, mesothelioma sufferers usually experience difficulty breathing. They might wheeze a lot or find that they are breathing very heavily after just a little bit of physical activity. The problem with these initial symptoms is that people tend to ignore them as an ordinary illness that will pass. They might assume that they are just tired or out of shape and then go about their everyday life.

But then, shortness of breath will become chest pains and lead to other major complications like weight loss and also a very unhealthy loss of appetite. When symptoms begin to advance or increase in intensity, there is a good chance that the cancer is moving to stage 2. It is very important that one seek medical help before they move to stage 3, as stage 3 and beyond means irreparable damage would have been done.

If caught early, especially in the first stage, mesothelioma can be treated although not completely cured. Treatment will often include a surgical procedure where the cancerous cell growth is removed. Obviously, surgery will only work when the tumor growth is local and hasn’t spread to many parts of the body. Once it enters stage 2, it begins to affect the lymph nodes that greatly increase the chance of metastasizing or spreading to other parts of the body. Cancer can begin in the lungs and mode down to the abdomen or even affect the brain. There is no telling where it can go. Patients in deep stage 4 phase often have cancerous clusters in many parts of their body.

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