The fashion trend has improved with good range among the people. The innovative designs are produced with many painting and drawing in a paper. It helps to create your own t-shirts with attractive designs. The designers must have tricky and innovative mind to create a different variety of designs in the t-shirts. Do you think the designs you have on your mind is easy to apply while you create your own t-shirts? You cannot say all the designs can be applied in all t-shirts. But, now the technology has been developed in a better way to create any type of designs in custom embroidery t-shirts.

The good art of producing the custom embroidery shirts is the basic need of all companies. The expert can be easily caught what the customer’s mind and demands. The designers will first design in an ordinary paper. This is a simple and easy way to modify when the design is not good. Fabric has ink of attractive colors which is chosen by the designers to create the t-shirts. The ink which is selected to apply on the shirts must be attractive and long lasting because the color is important in the t-shirts. There are three types of ink used to apply on the screen printing t-shirts. They are listed below.

Water Base Printing
This type of ink is soft and lighter to give a pleasant look on fabrics. The important part is that the ink used here will not fade away soon. This method will satisfy the customer’s designs with amazing effects.
Plastisol Ink
It is solid and flat at the fabrics. It will give you the artificial feel while you wear the outfit.
Discharge printing
It is something more special than other two methods. It will remove the original color on the fabric and gives the natural feel. click here to get more information Custom Shirts.

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