What do you wish to know about instagram?

With social networking sites, you are always just at an arms distance from your near and dear ones. All you need is to log in and say hello. Gone are the days when mail them and wait for their reply. Yes here we are talking about email and not the historic hand written mails sent by post. Even emails are old. With social networking networks and smart phone applications, you are never to far away from your friends and family and those who mean to you.
Since its inception in October 2012, Instagram is the new rave of net users. Fast bold and fun, it is the latest way to share your life and happenings in pictures and video with your family and friends. Instagram is instant and fast. Simply capture the moments you wish to cherish and share it with your world. You can even share your pictures or video to popular social networking sites like twitter or Facebook, Flickr etc.

Photo sharing via instagram confines pictures to square shape, unlike the 16:9 ration pictures captured on cameras and mobile phones. It is similar to Polaroid images and instamatic images by Kodak. Users have to apply filters to the picture and videos before uploading them or sharing them. You can share videos that are 15 seconds long.
Today this photo sharing platform that was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger has almost 100 million followers and users. It is supported by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple App Store, Android Camera phones, Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8.

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