Find Out How IP Geolocation Is Useful in Many Ways

Geolocation is the service or an act of tracking a device through radio frequency. The technology tacks IP address of your computer or the location of your smartphone and sends out data through whois api. This is not only advantageous to the online sellers but also to the prospective customers to locate the stores. It is a great help to control the cybercrimes as well.

How is IPgeolocation useful?
 Geolocation lookup
Through the IP geolocation feature, you can track anIP address of the computer and know the exact location. This internet tool takes you petty close to the location you are searching.
 Know who is emailing you
With this advanced internet feature, you can track the IP address of the person who is emailing you. Although you will not know the name and address of the sender, you can locate it through the IP address. This feature is little creepy but quite useful to tack down cybercrimes if any.
 Track fraud online
Through the geolocation data service, you can track any fraud that occurs during online selling. As you know there are many fake customers out there which are difficult to find out. However, you can know it using this specialized tool. You can cross-check the IP address of your buyer with the shipping address and credit card details. If it does notmatch, then avoid shipping your product.

 Identify fraudulent domain name
DNS tracking is an important part of the cyber theft. As more and more digitalization is taking place, cybercrimes have taken a boom. Through geolocation, cybersecurity officers can track the crime and save you from any fraudulent. Theykeep checking the domain names that come up every now and then.In casethere is any crime, the domain name is tracked to find out the theft.
Json whois API and many other data services help to carry out the API function of geolocation. They track the data and break them to make it easy for you to use.

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