Murals: antique treasure of art form at its exquisite visage

There are any art techniques which are lost with growing ages and technologies but still maintain its delicacy and elegance at some places. Murals are such an art technique which is the beautiful and treasures form of art. In the old times, people were art-loving and had much time to find new possibilities in the field of art. This is the reason that many art-related discoveries and invention took place in the old times. With passing time people became busy with science and the art lapsed somewhere, but the art remains beautiful always.

What are murals?
These are the large paintings and piece of artwork which was directly applied on the wall and ceilings. It can be found in many historical monuments and buildings with colorful artwork and themes. They were decorative, but the critical artwork was done by the professionals. Special painting techniques were used for murals with different and dry plaster on the walls.
These are the very significant treasure to the artwork. Due to their high cost, structure and other limitation, the work has become limited and professional are rarely hired for such artworks. This was the perfect way to bring the art and culture into the public sphere.

There are many types in this art form invented by many famous muralists:
• Traditional: This type art was shown in the high monuments over the ceilings and huge walls depicting some traditional story on the wall.
• Graffiti: This type of wall art is done on street walls and public places which demand a high-quality artwork which attains the public attention.
• Many other murals like the ethnic style and tile form were done and praised by many art loving people. This artist of this form made it lively forever.
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