Selecting the Right Fabric for a Good Tailored Suit

Picking the right fabric to ensure a high quality tailored suit:
Material: Fabric is among the most significant elements of a well-made suit by Fashion Galleria Bkk. The right cloth is just one the looks good and feels amazing. It’ll make or break your entire appearance. Pick a fabric that looks nice, feels nice and will last and last.

Wool is the most frequently encountered suit cloth. It breathes, is durable, comfortable and is available in an array of finenesses and thicknesses to match both hot and cold climates.
Wool is rated under the ‘Super’ wool grading method. Greater Super numbers signify finer wool fabrics which are comprised of long, tightly woven fibers. The greater the Super amount, the more powerful and smoother the material is. Greater Super amounts will also be lighter weight and more wrinkle-resistant. Finer quality wools are rated Super 100s, 110s, 120s, all of the way around 150s Merino Wool.
Wool Alternatives
Fashion Galleria Bkk may also produced suits in fabrics aside from wool for a more casual look or for warmer weather places.
Cotton breathes well and is good cloth for casual suits worn in hot weather. Corduroy is ribbed cotton which works nicely for sports jackets. Unfortunately, cotton wrinkles easily, making it the least functional of the suit materials recorded here.
Artificial Fibers
Artificial fibers, such as polyester, rayon, and acetate, are wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, and easy to care for. The drawback to artificial fibers is they don’t breathe well, which makes them uncomfortable in hot weather. Avoid artificial fibers in the event you can; invest the extra money and get a natural fiber suit!
Synthetic Blends
Synthetic mixes combine synthetic substances with natural fibers, such as wool, to make a fabric that’s easy to care for and looks good, but still carries lots of the downsides of these synthetic fabrics – steer clear.

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