How to Create a Food Following on Instagram

This week, Like bite & Share will be taken over by NYC food Instagrammers. Our roundtable dialogue from some of the most popular culinary Instagram account holders of New York will equip you with all the information you have to take Inastagram by thunderstorm.
Alexa Mehraban is the brains behind the Instagram account Eating NYC. In under two years she’s amassed over 130,000 followers, collaborated with national food publications, has been featured in Cosmopolitan, AMNew York, and the Wall Street Journal, and now works as the Social Media Supervisor at Bullfrog & Baum, a hospitality marketing agency that in the interest of complete disclosure represents our patron Schweid & Sons.

Rayna Greenberg runs the One Hungry Jew account on Instagram. Since beginning in earnest less than last year, her account has demonstrated exponential increase. Rayna is now a Product Launching Specialist for Amazon Eateries, Amazon’s Prime Now-based restaurant delivery service that will be in the procedure for introduction in 20 major metropolitan areas to the other side of the U.S.
Dara Pollak has been making with her SkinnyPig NYC blog for over seven years, people hungry, and contains just about doubled her Instagram following from 10 to 20 thousand followers in the past three months. She recently released her first post on the website of Food Network.
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Key Takeaways:
There is no set number of followers before you begin putting yourself out there to eateries and PR companies to reach. The important things to do is keep momentum on your account up, and finally eateries and the businesses begins reaching out to you.
Posting a picture there and here that you understand will not get the same degree of engagement as your pictures that are popular is fine, as long as your voice is consistent and you are telling a story with the picture that’s worth telling.
It’s tempting and desired to post more about one’s self when running a food account, but understanding the followers care more about food than about the individual supporting the account, it may be hard and frightening to produce that jump.