All information about modafinil

Modalert or Modafinil is a drug that helps with wakefulness. It is used to stay focused, awake, to be able to work better and it is also found that it is a great cognitive enhancer that betters decision making powers. It seems that it works on certain brain chemicals which are responsible for the wake/sleep cycle.
It was first approved in 1998, for excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy. But now, it is quite normally prescribed for several conditions from multiple sclerosis to depression. Some say that it can also be used for ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; however this has not been scientifically proven as yet.
It has been approved by the US FDA for narcolepsy and is sold under several brand names. It comes under the category of a Schedule IV substance. This essentially means that it has a very low probability for abuse. Though we’re still not sure how Modafinil affects the internal workings of the brain, it does come under the realm of a smart drug. It is becoming highly popular and one can easily buy Modafinil from several sources.
User experience –
Modafinil seems to be especially popular among students. They need to learn a lot within very little time. They say that Modafinil gives them the capability to work longer and harder. There are several experiences from those who have found excellent benefits from this drug. But majorly it has been seen that it helps a person focus better without getting tired as fast. This ultimately means better exam results and less stress levels for students.
It seems that users mainly consume this drug to enhance executive function. Users are able to manipulate, select information in such a way that they leave out information that is irrelevant and they can focus on what is actually required. That way it helps them in constructing and initiating complicated plans of action.