How to earn through content locker?

Content locker is considered as an effective method to grow mail list, as well as followers on social media sites. You can share your content with millions of people. So many people are there who have their site on internet but they do not know how to actually use content locking as they know the way hope it will benefit them. It is very simple and also best technique that increases any website visibility.
Process to use content locker:
First you need to write the best content for your site that must contain reliable and useful information. It can be interesting, entertaining, as well as logical. Not only content of writing is compulsory it can be a video, an image. But the main is that it must be engaging, as well as entertaining. It must not be like that after competing action users get nothing but a normal or may be not useful content. A worthy content can make a huge difference and only it will grow your site followers, visibility and mail list.
What is required to unlock content?
You may from the one who avoid content locking contents. But this is not right. You can access to great content only by giving your mail address nothing much is required. For this smalls step you can get the new content that after reading you might feel lucky. The main thing is that now, many sites starts charging visitors when they fulfill the survey box. It is to attract more and more readers to unlock the hidden content.
In this way, you also earn from the users and users from you. With every view on that content you will be paid for it. This can make you rich in little time. Use content locker and see the difference between your earlier site viewers and afterwards site viewers, and followers too.