What is curp y rfc and write about its necessity in Mexico?

The curp y rfc is an important population registry that is confirmed with the help of 18 characters code. It identifies itself that you are both resident and citizen of a Mexican. Mexican is the country where if you go to settle your house and for job purpose, you have to get this 18 characters code. This code is helpful in providing you a government job or any other job. This RFC is crucial for those who are living in Mexico. Whether it is upper-class people or lower class people everyone has to register and apply for a code.

Besides of getting a government job, this rfc y curp help you in every work field which proves you that you are a citizen of Mexico country. If you are a citizen of Mexico but in recent living in another country then you must get this code. It means this code is compulsory for both outgoing and ingoing persons. To get this code, you have to do some important process. You should have a passport and photos for identification. These two documents are crucial while getting this code. Click the link www.curpyrfc.me and get code.

If you do not get curp code, then you will be proving an illegal citizen. The police will ask you to show CURP code; they will leave you. Otherwise, they will give you order to go back in your country. That is why when you enter in Mexico you have to get this code immediately. It is a compulsory rule of this country that you ought to consider it. In the past few years, you were got CURP code at civil registry, government, IMSS, and ISSSTE. This code was printed on green paper, but in the recent years, it will print on white paper with proper lamination. The lamination is totally water proof that does not wet this card.