The loss of interest due to failure

It is the normal behavior of the human that establishes any sort of law in the subject matters of economics. The economical concepts are formulated by keeping into the consideration the behavior of the human beings as a part of the society to different types of conditions surrounding them. The exceptions are also considered, but they stand as exceptions to the laws. One such behavior describes the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility that shows when more and more units of a similar commodity are consumed over time and time again, the marginal utility derived from the consumption keeps on diminishing for the person gets bored up with the usage of the similar product over time and time again thus resulting into the opposite of satisfaction, that is dissatisfaction.

Thus, the behavior of human remains quite similar when it is applied to understand why the interest of a person gets reduced with the levels of failures. The failures can lead to loss of interest into the subject matter due to the reason that it becomes quite difficult for the person to keep digesting the same concept, understanding it again and again and derive the benefits from the same.

The game of pictoword also feels the similar attitude of the players when the repeated failures into the game play cause the player to lose the interest into the game. But to increase the player support, the pictoword cheats are available that can make sure that the player knows the answers in advance to the questions asked by the game. The pictoword answers thus can stand for establishing the exceptions to the common law of dissatisfaction when the interest into the game can be enhanced quite easily without letting the game portal to lose the customer support in advance.

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