Vocal Microphone – Professional Quality For Under $200?

Live Stage Performing
Are you aware that a few of the best vocal mic can be had for under $200? That is not to say the high end microphone that sell in the $1000-3000 range are not good but from my experience occasionally when compared side by side frequently times the $200 mic is occasionally and as good even better depending on the individual using it.

The Shure Beta 58A is really good, if you are searching for a microphone for singing live on stage. This can be a significant step up from your long time favourite Shure SM58 which has become an industry standard dynamic vocal microphone used by many vocalists in nearly every scenario across the world.
Check the specs for both these microphone out;
Design: Cardiod
Freq: 50-15K Hz
Output Signal: 1.85mV
Weight: 10.5 ounces
Beta 58A
Design: Supercardiod
In case your budget can stretch a bit over the $200 stage then you definitely should think about the Shure Beta 87A which has an even better proximity effect for singing that is live. Proximity effect refers to the space your mouth is in the end of the mic thus using the Beta 87A you do not want to “consume” the mic as much.
Recording Studio Microphone
Now for singing in the recording studio surroundings that is more restricted you need to benefit from a big diaphragm microphone to give a larger tone and usually considerably better quality vocal sound to you.
However, for well under $200 it’s tough to top the Behringer B2 Pro which is a best vocal mic having a big 1″ double diaphragm.

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