What are different types of best juicers that are available in the market?

Some best juicers
From the internet, you will find out the locations of best juicers along with the guide line how you will choose the juicers to get healthy as well as germs free juice extract from the fruits and vegetables. Presently there are four types of best popular juicers available in the market. These are masticating, centrifugal, twin gear and single auger. As per the design, configuration, and activity, the cost prices are also different to each other.

Centrifugal juicer
It is a most available and wide using juicer. The activity of this juicer is very fast and it shreds and spitting the pulp very fast before extracting the juice. As it can make the juice very fast the busy families like this juicer very much and they think these are the best juicers. There are different modes of this type juicer. As this juicer act very fast, you have to empty the pulp tank repeatedly to eliminate the clog ups.
Features of Centrifugal juicer
• It can revolute more than 1000 times per minute and thus it acts very fast than another type of juicers. You can get a glass of fresh juice by less than a minute.
• The users can clean it easily and effortlessly. The expenses towards cleaning are also very less because it contains few parts like strainer, feeding tube and pulp tank.
• You can feed the hard vegetables such as carrots as well into this juicer feeding tube to get the juice.

Twin Gear juicer
This juicer has 2 augers which make it most efficient to prepare juice from both fruits and vegetables. This machine has the cold-press excellence.
Usefulness of this juicer
• Using the Twin Gear juicer you can extract the highest quality juice containing the entire nutrients. Thus these types of juicers are the best juicers in the market at present.
• The juice extracted from this juicer will remain fresh for a longer time because of shortage oxidation.

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