What is life hack and what is its effectiveness?

What is life hack?
A life hack is also called life hacking. It describes to any tips, skill, novelty or shortcut technique, which enhances the efficiency as well as productivity in every step of a human life. The computer specialists who have been suffered from information overload initially utilized the term life hack. Those persons who were suffered from a good-natured inquisitiveness in the forms they can speed up their workflow in methods other than the programming.

This term is used since very long
The terms hacking or hack as well as hacker have been used for the long past in Geek communities. The word life hack was introduced in the year 2004 at the time of Emerging Technology conference occurred in San Diego, California arranged by Danny O Reilly, a journalist. He used this term to describe the uncomfortable shortcuts, as well as scripts productive information technology technicians, utilize to obtain their work done.
After that this term is used in the tech as well as blogging society. If you go to the internet, then you will definitely find out the history of this terms how it has been modified with days. However, in the modern civilization, the need of life hack is versatile. A human being can develop himself vastly using the life hack process properly.
 What DIY refers?
The term DIY is an abbreviation of Do it yourself. DIY is the technique of building, repairing or modifying belongings without any direct aid of specialists or professionals. As per the view of Academic research, the meaning of DIY is the behaviors where a person engages raw as well as semi-raw substances along with component parts to make reconstruct or transform materials possessions.
What is the meaning of crafts?
The crafts are professions that need special skills as well as knowledge of skilled work. This word is basically applied to the people who engaged in small-scale production of materials.

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