What is the advantage of using the snapchat search?

snapchat search is a type of search in which you can find your friends easily and automatically. Firstly we should always discuss what does the snapchat means? A snapchat is a type of social media in which you can upload picture and video and also chat with your friends. The snapchat was started by Brown and Spiegel who was the students of the Stanford university.

What are the advantages of using the Snapchat search?
The following are the main advantages of the snapchat search is that?
• The first advantages of this search are that you can easily search your friends, relatives and you love ones.
• The second advantages are that you can also search for the live stories, videos and the post.
• The third advantages of the snapchat are that you can also post your live stories of what you are doing right now.
• The fourth advantages would be that as compared to the other social media like Facebook and twitter you can easily contact with the people.
As you all know, in the world more than 78% of the people use the snapchat and are addicted towards it. The users of the snapchat are more as compared to the users in other social media like facebook and the twitter. The snapchat had been developed much more as compared to the other social media.

What are the controversial been surrounded against snapchat?
One of the famous controversial been surrounded by the snapchat is that the CEO of the snapchat Evan Spiegel had commented that India is a poor country and the snapchat is not suited for them. After the comment of the CEO Evan, there was chaos between the Indian and the Indian had also deactivated the there account in the snapchat.
Apart from all the controversial the snapchat searchhad become the most important app been used by the people.

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