What’s Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention into the current moment using a non-judgmental, non-reactive and accepting attitude.
The fundamental principles of Mindfulness are popularly called equanimity and impermanence.
Equanimity means a neutral reaction to something we encounter. It’s a state of consciousness where we neither feel an aversion for disagreeable encounter nor craving for nice ones. Other methods of describing how Equanimity are balance, calmness, and composure.

Impermanence means the shifting nature of all things including our very own ideas and feelings. By experiencing the shifting character of inner experiences, we can detach ourselves from stiff opinions which could on occasion lead to anxiety and unhappiness.
Can you see how mindfulness can be beneficial for eating disease’s treatment? It helps us to develop the condition of equilibrium or equanimity at which we neither feel an aversion for disagreeable encounter nor craving for good ones.
If you go to a binge, just before you begin you always have these overwhelming feelings of cravings for food. Before starving yourself you’ve got feelings of aversion or disgust with yourself and your body – so you quit eating.
With mindfulness you’ll have the ability to see your eating disorder as a foreign person (or someone) who’s sitting inside you, telling you exactly what to do. If you practice mindfulness you’ll have the ability to distinguish yourself out of the foreign voice and worry liberated.
mindfulness quotes by thich nhat hanh is a subset of meditation practices. To be aware first of all you need to learn how to meditate. Mindfulness and meditation are somewhat similar but not precisely the same. Like we’ve already clarified that mindfulness is your consciousness of the present moment. However, Meditation is the deliberate self regulation of focus. During meditation you control and regulate your focus. And this is really a development of mindfulness.

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