Why is the regular TV being replaced by Android TV?

The technology is changing every day. Once there was a time when mobile phones could just make and receive calls. Now you have android based smart phones that allow you to do amazing things that was not even thought of before. Today the same android technology is being used in the TV set-top boxes to make TV viewing experience of the viewers all the more amazing. Today you can replace your normal set-top box with Android TV box and can open a window of possibilities even on your TV.

Cable TV would soon be a thing of past

The cable TV has long been in existence and now it is tie to say good bye to cable TV. You cannot keep waiting for a show to air at a predetermined time now. You have so much to do and achieve that time has become very precious. Today you need a TV that will work according to your schedule. You need to get Android box UK that will enable you to watch any show at any time of the day; depending on your convenience. This is why the regular set top boxes are being slowly replaced by the more advanced android boxes that will give you amazing TV viewing experience.

The cost of Kodi TV box is less

The android TV is witnessing a surge these days because of the fact that android TV boxes do not require you to subscribe to the broadband connections of any type. This means that you will be able to watch almost anything for free on the internet with this type of TV box. The only cost that you need to pay is to buy the android box for connecting it with your TV. This will enable you to watch all your favorite shows online without any constraint of time at all.

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